Automated Ship Security Plan start pageDescription:
     The Automated Ship Security Plan is a search and report system, which allows the Company Security Officer, Ship Security Officer and other crew members involved in security duties, to get the list of procedures in all situations covered by the Ship Security Plan and its Confidential Annex.
     Besides all of all necessary procedures, it is possible to manage all the security reporting documents and get a reminder for all periodic security events (trainings, drills, briefings, etc.) required by the ISPS Code.
     All entries are saved in the database. Log-books and calendar with for unlimited period of time and can be presented for inspection on paper or in electronic format to the authorities.
     Such a system considerably decreases the efforts of the crew on the everyday security duties and also automate the documenting of the necessary information.

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     Automated ship security plan includes of the operational ship security plan with the following additional functions:

Trial version

     The trial version (without the possibility of use of the log-books, calendar and with a limited amount of events) can be tested here: