Ship and Marine CCTVOur company specialists have developed an integrated Ship CCTV (SCCTV) system, designed to control the situation on the ship and around it. One complete set of the SCCTV can include from 1 to 64 video surveillance cameras, which is enough to satisfy the demands of the shipping companies and security personal, working onboard the ships.

     If required, it is possible to integrate some SCCTV systems together, that allows to create a surveillance complex for big passenger ships. The SCCTV can be integrated with the current ship communication systems, that allows to inform the crew about every emergency situations in the secured areas and to send the information from the ship to shore about every incident, including emergency cards, live or archive audio and video information. The software has integrated motion sensors, which automatically detect moving objects in the viewing sectors and generates alarm.

     SCCTV is developed in accordance with the requirements of the client and includes a certificated marine video server and monitor, several video cameras and appropriate software. The standard set of the SCCTV contains 3 video cameras: one PTZ camera, located in the bow part of the superstructure, for observing the upper deck and objects in front of the ship, and two stationary cameras along portside and starboard. This low cost system allows to provide an overview of the perimeter of the ship, that is useful for navigating in canals and shipping locks, and also detects illegal access to the ship.
     The main characteristics and advantages of the system:

     The SCCTV can be installed on an already operating ship, and on a new ship. However, including it in the project of the ship still being built is more effective.

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