Carrying out vulnerability assessments of transport facilities and infrastructure;

According to the Federal law №16 “About transport security” vulnerability assessment must be done and a security plan developed for transport facilities and infrastructure of Russia Federation:

  • transport facilities including trains, trams, ships, passenger aircrafts;
  • motorways;
  • tunnels;
  • railroad, subway and bus stations;
  • international, fish, specialised and river ports and port facilities;
  • hydro- technical structures and sea locks;
  • airfields and airports;
  • communication facilities;
  • traffic control systems;
  • other transport facilities and infrastructure.

    The vulnerability assessment includes among others following information:

  • structural characteristics of transport infrastructure, which can be used as physical barriers;
  • communications, which cross the outer border of the transport infrastructure;
  • geological, hydrological and geographic features of the location of the object, climatic and environmental conditions;
  • technical and technological features of the transport infrastructure processes and characteristics. Used, produced, stored and transshipped cargo and materials;
  • personal data of the working and enlisting to work staff;
  • definition of possible threats and scenarios on the transport infrastructure object;
  • attackers modeling;
  • assessment of the efficiency of the security measures on the transport infrastructure object;

      JSC “TRANSAS Consulting” is specialized and licensed in working on vulnerability assessment.

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