Development of oil spill contingency plans (SPCP);

Oil spill contingency plan
  The oil spill contingency plan (OSCP) is developed for prevention of oil spills on objects, connected with oil and oil products, desolution of oil spills and protection of environment from the harmful influences of the oil spill.
     The usage of the SPCP helps to prevent emergency situations and decreases the damage done by the oil spill and its derivatives.

The OSCP shall be developed for:

  • gas stations;
  • oil tankers;
  • refuellers;
  • oil terminals and ports;
  • ships;
  • trains, in charge of oil transportation;
  • oil depots and oil reservoirs;
  • oil-fields;
  • oil-pipelines.

     JSC “TRANSAS Consulting” develops OSCP for ships, oil terminals, oil tankers, gas stations, ports, oil depots, oil reservoirs, trains, oil-pipelines and oil fields (including suspended).

The objectives of the OSCP:

  • prevention of the contingency of oil spills;
  • constant readiness of the means and forces of liquidation of emergency situations;
  • ensuring safety of personnel, connected to oil and its derivatives;
  • ensuring safety of environment;
  • decreasing the damage of oil spills.

Environmental monitoring and decision supporting complex (EMDSC)
Environmental monitoring and decision supporting complex     The EMDSC is used for detection of oil spills on buildup, assessment of the current situation and forecast of the future situation. 

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