Development of security plans for transport facilities and infrastructure;

Transport security     According to the federal law №16-FL “About transport security”, a vulnerability assessment must be made and a security plan developed for objects of transport of Russian Federation including transport facilities and infrastructure.
     The vulnerability assessments of transport facilities and infrastructure (TFI) contains standardize sections and are carried out for different categories of TFI.
     The vulnerability assessment can only be carried out by licensed organizations.
     Based on the vulnerability assessment of the TFI, a security plan shall be developed, and refitting with security systems done. Plan and refitting shall be approved buy the according Federal Agency.
     Usually a security plan is developed for every object of the transport infrastructure, but when the objects are technologically linked together it is possible to develop a collective security plan.
     Our company is specialized on doing this kind of work for objects of the sea and river transport, particularly for:

  • seagoing vessels, regulated and non-regulated ISPS Code;
  • river vessels;
  • sea and river ports and port facilities;
  • navigational hydraulic structures;
  • communication infrastructure and vessel traffic moitoring systems (VTMS).

Additional information and products:

  1. License
  2. Federal law №16 “About transport security” (Russian lang.)
  3. Ship and Marine CCTV
  4. Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)
  5. Vulnerability assessments of transport facilities and infrastructure


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