Vulnerability assessments of transport and infrastructure

Vulnerability assessments of transport and infrastructure


Vulnerability assessments of transport and infrastructure

 Security assesment cover     According to the Federal law №16 “About transport security” Vulnerability assessment (VA) must be done and a Security plan (SP) developed for transport and infrastructure of Russia Federation.

     The Vulnerability assessment has to be done to determine the current level of protection of the transport and its infrastructure.

     JCS "TRANSAS Consulting" is providing service in developing Vulnerability assessments for following sea and river transport/infrastructure:

  • river and seagoing ships;
  • river and sea ports;
  • hydro- technical structures and sea locks;
  • dams
  • communication facilities;
  • vessel traffic control systems.

VA includes among others following information:

  • characteristics of transport and infrastructure;
  • available security systems;
  • communications, which cross the outer border of the transport infrastructure;
  • geological, hydrological and geographic features of the location of the object, climatic and environmental conditions;
  • technical and technological features of the transport infrastructure processes and characteristics. Used, produced, stored and transshipped cargo and materials;
  • personal data of the working and enlisting to work staff;
  • definition of possible threats and scenarios for security breaching;
  • attackers modeling (including, scenarios, movement and equipment used;
  • assessment of the efficiency of the security measures on the transport infrastructure object;
  • requirements for security improvement to the required level, recommendations and summary,

JSC “TRANSAS Consulting” is specialized and licensed in working on vulnerability assessment.


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