Non-lethal/lethel diver countermeassuers system


     After many years of testing several physical principles and propotypes, the developement team of JCS TRANSAS Consulting has started to create a serial model for a non-lethal and lethal diver countermeassuers system.

     In accordance with our 360 dgrees hydroacoustic station (SOPP-M), the new system will also work circular and be integrated with all existing hydroacoustic stations of our company.

     Such an integration will provide a perior detection of the diver and a calculation and selection of the power output for the purpose of non-lethal or lethal impact.

     The range, start, as well as the calculation of the likely consequences for an underwater diver will be presented in the Poseidon software, which is included in the SOPP delivery set ( or supplied separately with the new system.


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